sex godThe Journey

a four week online course for men to elevate their relationships to women and sex 



Do you desire to elevate your connection to women and sex? Do you sense that there is more to sex than what you’ve been experiencing? 

In today’s age, men mostly learn their understanding of sex through porn. This is not what women want. In fact, porn is designed to de-sensitize you, create disrespect for women, and literally drain you of your life force.

In ancient times men would come to the temple priestesses to learn the art of lovemaking, and to be initiated into Master Lover status. 

Are you ready to accept this challenge and initiation?


Join modern day tantrikas: Nadine Lee & Amyann Faul, on your own journey to Sex God status. unwind the sexual distortions you’ve been carrying from porn and trauma, and alchemize them into sexual mastery.


Your guides have a combined 20 years experience in tantric temple arts. They have helped thousands of men and women on their path to sexual liberation and spiritual sovereignty.

What is a Sex God?

A man who has mastered his sexual energy and knows how to channel it into his purpose.

A man who knows how to worship a woman, and make space for her to flower open to her Sex Goddess full feminine essence.

A man who holds the energy whereby women long to support him to build his kingdom and elevate him to Sex God status.

SEX GODThe Journey

why sexual mastery matters

Tantra is about channelling your life force energy from the lower centres to the higher centres of the body. But if there is emotional debris stagnating in your very body cells, the life force energy gets stuck. In Tantra we go through the emotional body and sexuality in order to reach high consciousness. 

What most people don’t realise is that the evolution and sublimation of your sexuality, into higher states of consciousness depends on your primal sensory attunement. For most men, this has been shut down, de-senstitized by porn, shamed and suppressed by culture. As a result, many men are not embodying their fullest sexual potential and thus spiritual potential (living their fullest embodied life purpose). 

This is the journey we will be taking you on...


You are living your fullest potential as a man

You have more energy and focus

You aren’t a slave to your sexual impulses

You are a master lover to your woman

You are living on purpose and on mission

You open to more pleasure, creativity, and love


Who is this for?

+ Men who know there is more to sex than what they have been shown, and are unsure of where to start

+ You desire to be a master lover

+ Men craving deeper relationship to women and sex

+ Men who want to understand what women deeply crave and desire in relationship 

+ Linking the spiritual path with sexuality 

+ Men who long to be worshipped, supported & devoted to by their woman, and feel worthy of that 

+ Men who want to harness the power of their sexuality, by channelling it into their purpose 

+ Men with porn addictions and it is depleting them and numbing when it comes to lovemaking

+ You are interested in cultivating more presence & capacity to “hold space” & show up in your masculine power for your partner / future potential partner

+ Men who want to elevate their relationship to women and sex

+ Integrating your dark masculine (fuckboy/primal/player archetype)

+ Men who desire to experience higher states of consciousness through sex

For the man who...

+ May have experienced premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

+ Experience shame around their primal sex

+ May hold shame around taboos, desires & fantasies

+ Stuck in porn performative aspects of sex (focused on their appearance, cock size, how long long you stay hard, how many times you make her orgasm etc)

+ Addicted to ejaculation & not sure how to channel their sexual energy into purpose & higher desires & creativity

+ Who experiences mistrust or hurt around the feminine

+ Are mission oriented & yet can’t find a balance with relationship to women

+ Who experience constant dissatisfaction with women & sex

+ Who experiences outer wealth but feels he lacks inner wealth through chronic dissatisfaction, and/or men who have cultivated inner wealth but feel they lack outer wealth

sex godThe Journey


sensory attunment

During this module you will explore the first step to becoming a Sex God. This involves sensory attunement: learning to listen to your primal body so that you can attune on a deeper level to your lover’s body and pleasure, which is what all women crave. The key teachings and practices are:

  • Creating a safe container for the feminine
  • Somatic presencing & body compass training
  • Tantric foundations – touch, awareness, breath, sound, movement
  • Attuning to your lover – her body’s yes and no – how to listen deeper
  • How to worship a woman as the Divine Feminine, to elevate her consciousness and expand her pleasure 



During this module we will explore the root of your relationships with all women in your life which is your connection to your mother and your inner feminine (in Jungian psychological terms, the anima). If a man hasn’t healed his relationship to his mother it will show up in every relationship so this work is crucial in order to have healthy relationships with women. The key teachings and practices are: 

  • Mother wound healing
  • Inner child healing
  • Inner feminine (anima) connection and cultivation
  • Forgiveness practice with the feminine



During this module we will dive into the root of your power, which lies in your unexpressed primal desires and impulses. We will take you through a powerful process into the unconscious that allows you to reclaim these parts of yourself. Whatever lies in your unconscious holds power over you. For men, this is the Dark Primal Masculine. Through the reclamation of this, you will be able to take your women dark and deep whilst staying in the heart – the very thing women desire most in lovemaking. The key teachings and practices in this module are:

  • Primal embodiment and emotional release tools
  • Owning your desires, fantasies, taboos
  • Activating the primal sex centre and linking it with the heart
  • Tantric alchemy breath-work and nervous system regulation



In this final week we reach climax: we bring all the tools together into practical bedroom skills, to elevate you to Sex God status. Drawing on traditional and Taoist tantric techniques and practices we will guide you into harnessing the power that is your sexuality – alchemizing it into its highest expression. A true sexual master is a man who has control over his ejaculation. Not only do these techniques make you a better and longer-lasting lover, but they allow you to channel this energy for your highest creations and to turn on your own unique genius. The key teachings and practices in this module are: 

  • Orgasmic Healing Method 
  • Kundalini sexual transmutation kriya
  • Sublimation techniques
  • Self-sourcing Shakti
  • Skills for how to “fuck your woman to God”

bonus session


With a panel of male leaders in men’s work, relationships, and sacred sexuality. In this session you will get a chance to hear from men who have gone through this personal journey & will impart their wisdom. Each panellist will have 15-20 minutes to share and we will finish with a Q & A. Panelists include:

John Wineland, Nic Warner, Oren Harris & Frank Joseph.


What you receive…

4 x 2 hour teaching videos with Nadine Lee & Amyann Faul (all from the live series)

BONUS 2.5 hour Sex God Masterclass covering foundational prep materials 

BONUS 2 hour Panel Call with leading male leaders in the field of Mens Work, Sexuality & Relationships

Integration tools every week throughout the program, embodiment practices, journal prompts to take you deeper

Meet your guides...

nadine lee


Nadine Lee is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, a platform that offers mentorships, courses and trainings designed to liberate your sexuality for deeper intimacy and unlocking your life purpose. 

Working with sexuality has been her primary focus in her own liberation and the liberation of others. She knows the power first hand of this energy, when worked with consciously. After an initial Kundalini awakening at a young age of 14, she was guided to work specifically with the embodiment of Sexuality and Spirituality, hence the path of Tantra found her.

Nadine began working specifically with men in 2014, offering private Tantric Embodiment Sessions, including Sexual De-Armouring / Trauma Release and Tantric Massage / Priestess Initiation sessions. This work is innate to her and comes with such reverence. Her sessions with men have evolved over the years and a recent iteration saw her working as a dakini in gentleman’s clubs infusing the tantric arts with her male clients. Since then, her work has evolved to both men and women with the primary focus on merging sexuality and spirituality, as an embodied way of life, for more power, purpose and pleasure. 


amyann faul

Amyann Faul, M.E.S. is a Tantric Priestess of the Rose Lineage. She is the creator of Orgasmic Healing – a method for transmuting negative emotions into power, creativity, and Love. She helps people unlock their unique genius through sacred sexuality and mythic rites of passage. Amyann is a cofounder of the ritual theatre company, The Secret Garden, which blends temple arts and immersive performance arts. 

Amyann began working with men in 2018. She offers 1:1 Kingmaking programs to initiate men into tantric mysteries and into their sovereign divinity. Kingmaking is a combination of tantric coaching, divine masculine embodiment, and sacred sexual awakening. 

Amyann offers full-body tantric de-armouring massage including lingam worship and prostate release. 

Amyann teaches men and women the foundations of sacred sexuality & Neo-Tantra. Working with Amyann, you will learn how to connect with and embody your highest divine masculine, while embracing and integrating your darkest primal urges into a cohesive whole, translating this into a new lived reality. She supports you to dissolve your blocks, and to open your heart to bliss and higher states of consciousness.


What students are saying...

  • “I just want to say that I loved Sexual Alchemy for Men with Nadine Lee. I have always been open to learning new things and so far it is great. I feel every man should take this course even if they don’t think they have any present issues on the surface…there is always much more to be unveiled. Which is what I experienced, a deeper understanding of myself, of women and of my powerful sexuality.” 

    Travis, USA

  • "Sex God was an amazing series! Among so much else, in a profound way I learned about the importance of presence - for my lifelong partner and also for me to fully experience sexuality and life. I am now able to hold her flows in ways that lead to heightened expression and pleasure for both of us. This series has strengthened our marriage and it has made me more grounded and present in all aspects of life. I definitely recommend it highly!" 

    Gary, Canada

  • "Thanks to the Journey with Amyann & Nadine, I am a Sex God. I embody the full expression of my creative pleasures and sensual desires. I shower devotion and erect presence to the beauty of the feminine. I activate my dark masculine once I've fully honoured and activated the feminine. I am a master of Sexual Ecstasy and Sexual Magic. I am deeply in my body and in my presence...from there my wild man comes out to play!" 

    Andrew, Canada

  • "Nadine & Amyann WOW, the Sex God Masterclass was spot on! Thank you for your insights, the incredible tools and techniques, your vulnerability and courage and so much more!"

    Matt, USA

  • "Nadine & Amyann: I want to say thank you for the Sex God Masterclass. It was so powerful! I released a whole heap of stuck energy! And my partner noticed today how much more embodied in my primal masculine I am today!"

    Saba, TURKEY

  • "Sex God with Nadine & Amyann was so powerful. There was so much to takeaway, both of the women held it so well and the energy was beautiful."

    David, USA

  • “I’ve always been intimidated by what was sleeping inside of me. It felt like I was afraid to wake a wild, sleeping animal. But with Amyann and Nadine, being seen in the allure of their strength and feminine, something powerful awoke within me, and it’s fucking incredible." 

    Jag, CANADA

  • “Sex God has been so beneficial for me. It is the sex education I always wished I was taught but had trouble finding a place where it was all in one place. I implemented the practices straight away & saw huge shifts in my relationship. The way the information is taught is very simple & succinct to understand, even for beginners to this path. I feel way more energised after practising the sublimation” 

    Michael, USA

  • "I cannot tell you how much value the Sex God program has added to my personal life as well as professional. Nadine and Amyann are absolutely wonderful in approaching sensitive matters for men and with excellent tangible examples that I have immediately implemented into my own life. Thank you so much!" 

    stephanos, usa

  • "Wow thank you Amyann & Nadine so much. I was so ready for this experience and the two of you were the perfect tantrikas/priestesses for me. I did expect this journey to be nice; but it was much more than I ever expected. You both created such a wonderful and safe atmosphere for me to heal some of my core issues with women; specifically my mother. I felt in the right place immediately and could surrender to all you did with me. Thank you."

    Mark, Germany


Due to the nature of this course, it is strictly non refundable. So please be 100% sure of your commitment before enrolling. This course does not replace psychiatry or psychology therapy. If you suffer from any mental illness or are currently taking any anti psychotics or pharmaceutical drugs, please reach out to your teachers to discuss your case, as this course may not be for you. Nadine Lee & Amyann Faul hold no responsibility under any circumstances for your mental health & this course is not designed to replace therapy.