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Who is the sex priestess?

She is the embodied untamed force of creation and eros itself. She is the wild feminine unleashed. She is the ultimate expression of female power—and she is YOU. 

The Sex Priestess is an archetypal force that lives inside every woman. Just as she did in the ancient temples, she dances through life (literally and metaphorically) as a receptive channel transmitting truth, beauty and liberation, through her body and heart.

For the past two decades, tantric arts teacher and feminine embodiment coach Nadine Lee has been on a personal quest of sexual and spiritual liberation. In this book, she guides you into the deep and mysterious power of the Sex Priestess within yourself; the place where your power, truth and pleasure is waiting to be unlocked. Part memoir, part self-help, this transformative guide takes you on a life-changing journey to unlock your feminine power. Drawing from her own life experience from the beginnings of her journey being called to the path of tantra, through battling her inner demons from sexual trauma, to alchemising her pain into power, SEX PRIESTESS captures the spiralic heroine’s journey that is forever unfolding. This book will guide you through a series of practical and profound wisdom teachings for healing and empowering your sexuality and unlocking your creative power. Enter the mystery of the feminine as this book initiates you into seven codes to awakening the Sex Priestess within you, guiding you along your own tantric path of embodiment and empowerment.

The codes to your empowerment live in your body& this book will help you unlock them


This book will take you on a journey through the 7 codes that will unlock the sex priestess within you

The first code is Opening the Womb Portal. We begin by finding our true power through connecting with the power of the womb and releasing the trapped emotions stored in the body. This descent is one that each of us must summon the courage to take, making our first steps to reclaim the temple that is our bodies—a space which we may have abandoned or shamed for many years, decades or even lifetimes. 

The second code is The Divine Masculine, where we dive deep into integrating and healing your relationship to the masculine. A Sex Priestess—an empowered integrated woman—must have a healthy relationship to the masculine, as it is expressed in both the men in her life and her own inner masculine. If she wants to be in union with herself and in healthy partnership, this work is the essential foundation. 

The third code, Inner Union, is all about creating harmony within yourself through inner union of the masculine and feminine energies. This union of opposites is also the highest stage of the alchemical process and the ultimate goal of alchemy, for one truly liberates themselves beyond duality and into oneness consciousness. 

The fourth code, Self-Sourced Eros, is about reclaiming all parts of your sexuality as a woman and releasing those parts that still source fulfillment, pleasure and love from outside of yourself. Here, we’ll explore how to start sourcing ourselves from within. This is such a powerful code of the Sex Priestess, and one that requires you to learn and unlearn old behaviours and patterns so that you can truly be the source of your own pleasure.

The fifth code, Orgasmic Co-Creation. Now it is time to learn how to harness this energy into co-creation with life itself. We will explore the unlimited possibilities available to you once you are aware of how to harness this potent force within. It is one thing to learn how to activate your sexual energy as a Sex Priestess, but the next evolution of that is learning how to channel this energy into your creativity.

The sixth code, Initiatrix of Awakening, teaches you how to begin to extend your inner life force to penetrate every inch of your reality. Once this energy is unlocked and fully activated in a woman, she naturally embodies her inner Sex Priestess and begins to become a healing and transformational force for others. When this code is unlocked, the Sex Priestess is activated not only in lovemaking, but in every interaction with men.

The seventh and final code is Living as the Sex Priestess, which is the full-circle coming home and integration of all the lessons we learn along our healing path. It is about establishing how these translate into shaping our soul’s work or our dharma in our lifetime. This code is about the journey of integration after you have answered the soul call to heal yourself, look at your sexual shadows, reclaim the exiled parts of yourself, face your core wounds and find your power through this process. 


  • So glad I came across this book! Nadine’s story is so inspiring and her story and her wisdom and tools have been super impactful as part of my journey. Her book inspired me to sign up for one of her courses!

    Ghazaleh, Canada

  • Beautiful book by the one and only Nadine. This is really a beautiful essence of Nadine’s teachings and an incredible value that you will receive for a symbolic contribution. Make sure you get it as long as this knowledge is publicly available!

    Dora, Netherlands

  • "Every man must read this work. The reason I named this review for Every Man, is because this Oracle, Author Nadine Lee has connected the meaning of life itself translated from the language of pure eros. What man does not seek to be the Best of Men for those he cares about? This is a book clearly written to women, by a Sage Woman. A thinking man, that actually listens, can learn incredible awareness and insights from this book. For Women, I hear often of the pain and shame of the way our society has operated for thousands of years. This book is a disclosure. A disclosure of a Path to True Freedom. Empowering. This is a Path to A Sovereign Life, fully in one’s Power. And it leads to a softening. A Softening and Allowing from a place of Total Power and Harmony. Finding a Life’s purpose. Evolutionary and Rebellious Revelations. Dare I say, Harmony and True Love? This book is Destined to become a Cornerstone of The New Earth"

    Michael, USA

  • "All men should read this! Having participated in one of Nadine's short courses I was super keen to read this book, and it didn't disappoint. I read it almost in one go, and now I need to read it again - and do all the activities! It's about one woman's journey, and it's speaking to women, but so much of it is about what men really should know. It's very well written and eminently readable too. Page after page resonates with things women have said, hinted at or alluded to that I never really understood. I hope I'm beginning to now!"

    Joshua, UK

  • Josephine, Germany

  • Lucie, Germany

  • "Inspirational & Soul Touching! I have followed Nadine’s work and teaching for years and done so many of her courses, so when I saw her book I knew I had to purchase it. I’ve just started reading it and her words speak deep into my soul."

    Skye, Australia

  • "The Book your soul needs! This book is the book of the 2023! Everything that your soul needs. Place where SEXUAL, SPIRITUAL and BODY SOVEREIGNTY meets."

    Milena, UK

  • "Can not put this book down! You can feel the wisdom and energy through this book! Only just started reading but I already know this will be my new bible, thank you Nadine!"

    Lisa Browning, UK

  • "Nadine shares this touching journey of her life and her sexual evolution to become her Divine Sex Priestess. Healing through empowerment & embodiment at the heart, she intimately explores seven codes guiding the reader to experience & embrace the mystery of the feminine soul."

    Raj Mat Thoz, India

  • "Wow this book was such a powerful transmission. Reading it was a deep remembrance of the power, sacredness and deliciousness of female sexuality. I could feel my body tingling and kept getting full body chills as I read Nadine's words and could see so much of her story within myself. I feel like my sexual power is fully activated and that anything is possible. Thank you Nadine, this is a resource I will come back to again and again."

    Michelle Pound, Canada

  • "The Sex Priestess book is an initiation that every woman deserves to experience! It is a remembrance of a lineage lost to the ages and a rebirthing of the modern-day priestess. It is a reclamation of the innocence and power of female sexuality- weaving the codes of the awakened woman back into the collective. This book is honestly so jammed-packed with value! It is the sex education almost none of us received but all of us need. No matter what medium, Nadine's work is life-changing! I HIGHLY recommend any women who is interested in understanding themselves, their bodies, and the nature of the feminine more intimately to get this book! You won't be sorry 😉 Thank you Nadine for sharing your wisdom with us all!"

    Kelly Breckenridge, Canada

  • "I have followed along with Nadine's journey for the past few years, and have been so inspired by her teachings and transmissions. When i saw her book was finally available, I bought it immediately! Her words land so deeply, and her teachings awaken memories and codes that have lived within my body/ lineage for generations. I've only just begun reading and it's already filled with so much magic!!"

    Sarah, USA

  • "The book every woman (and man) should read! This book is pure 🔥 Nadine truly captures the essence of the how, what and why of sexuality for a woman. This book is a goldmine of wisdom that supports women in coming home to themselves, their bodies, their pleasure & their power. A must read!"

    Sophia Le Page, USA

  • "Must read! Honest + Enlightening! This book is not only daring and influential, it's vulnerable, raw and real. This is an important read for women AND men! Nadine unquestionably has a depth of knowledge in the realm of Tantric Arts, and has cultivated her own self-mastery as well as countless hours of experience with hundreds of women. The world needs more books like this! Women sharing this wisdom & truth is such a profound gift. Highly recommended! I'm sending one to both of my younger sisters." 

    Lana Shay, USA


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Nadine Lee

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Nadine Lee is a teacher of the feminine tantric arts, feminine embodiment coach, devoted lover and sexual liberator. She is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, a community devoted to supporting you step into the woman you came here to be. She has helped thousands of women over the past decade, heal sexual trauma and ignite the erotic fire within, and to channel that creative force into their highest creative, feminine and sexual expression. She offers private mentorships, online programs and in-person workshops and retreats across the world. 


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