are you ready to receive it all queen?

Then it is time you & I go on a deep dive journey together…

You get to have it all. You get to serve from overflow, fully aligned in your life purpose, receive all the abundance & melt into divine love 

You came here to make impact, creating from pure pleasure & feminine radiance AND have the most mind blowing sex & intimate relationship of your life

You get to receive it all & more

This high level intensive VIP mentorship is for the female leaders who are ready to serve from their healthy present penetrative masculine & orgasmic creatrix juicy feminine

For the woman who desires to be perpetually turned on by her service to the world

Creating positive impact & change on this planet

AND she who desires deep intimacy, a thriving relationship & multi dimensional lovemaking that fuels her 

Gorgeous, it would be an honour to guide you, as I have walked in your footsteps. I used to think I had to compromise relationship for mission, & when in relationship would let my mission fall by the wayside

It wasn’t until I fully embodied my feminine (eros) & masculine (consciousness) as one, through my journey into the Tantric Arts, that I unlocked the inner union codes & power within me

I now lead my 6-figure f.empire, from deep creative erotic overflow, that deeply nourishes my soul

I healed my relationship to the masculine & only attract high calibre men into my life

I am fully expressed in my eros & creativity; free from any resistance or shame

I travel the world doing exactly what I love, in full creativity & abundance

Life just keeps getting richer & this is also your birthright!

This is the most intimate & deepest way to work with me over a customised high level 1, 3 or 6 Month Mentorship container


IT WOULD BE AN HONOUR to hold you through your expansion

Full body Yes?



  • You will overcome blockages in the way of you living fully in your feminine radiance & abundance (financially, sexually & spiritually)
  • You will quantum leap your existing business to the next level of impact & abundance
  • You will learn how to channel your sexual energy into your creative energy & as a result be inspired with new creations that have been longing to birth through you 
  • You will align your life & business with the magic of your menstruation & womb wisdom
  • You will do life, business & relationships deeply connected to your feminine magnetism, intuition & awakened creativity
  • You will successfully scale your online business. I will teach you the secrets I have used in my biz; including – clarity of the vision, unlocking deeper aspects of your expression, branding, social media, marketing magic & sales
  • You will embody your healthy balance of your feminine energy with your masculine energy for greater ease flow & joy in all aspects of life
  • If single, & calling in beloved we will look at your inner relationship, heal your father wounds & inner masculine, so you can magnetise your divine counterpart 
  • If in partnership, take your lovemaking to the next dimension of intimacy & orgasmic bliss, as we unlock your fullest sexual expression
  • Live from more flow, less hustle & experience unlimited abundance as a result

You are invited

…on a 1, 3 or 6 month mentorship journey into unlocking the Deep Feminine Codes within you, & begin living in fullest alignment with your feminine birthright

It is time to embody the woman you were born to be ~ sovereign, heart centred, abundant & creatively expressed

This is an exclusive high level mentorship program to be completed over a 1, 3 or 6 month duration

During the journey we will immerse deep & you will receive …

Private Mentorship Calls with Nadine Lee (see options below)

Unlimited Support via WhatsApp in between Mentorship Calls

Practical homework to do between each Mentorship Call

FREE Divine Feminine Codes Essentials (Yoni Wand & Jade Egg)

Discounts on Online Courses & Online Shop products

For 1 Month Mentorship: 4 x 60 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video every week

For 3 Month Mentorship: 6 x 90 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video every 2 weeks

For 6 Month Mentorship: 12 x 90 minute Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video every 2 weeks

Journey with me…

phase 1

the rebirthing

During the phase of the journey we are going to work with releasing any emotional blockages in the way of you fully claiming your divine feminine birthright. We will work closely with modalities including:

  • Inner child work

  • Taoist tantric purification practices

  • Shadow work

  • Trauma therapy using Somatic Bodywork & Experiencing

  • Subconscious re-programming

  • Somatic release & embodiment

phase 2

erotic activation

During the phase of the journey we are going to unlock your expression to the next level, by working directly with the Feminine Tantric Arts. You will learn to both activate & circulate your sexual energy, & thus as a result access deeper levels of your creativity & erotic power. You will be guided in a safe & sacred space through:

  • Inner Union Codes: Feminine & Masculine integration
  • Self sourcing eros with the Jade Egg practice & erotic dance
  • Feminine Embodiment rituals & practices
  • Archetypal Activations
  • Healing the Father Wound
  • Sacred Sexuality & Pleasure Principles
  • Womb Awakening core practices

phase 3

creatrix codes

During our final phase, we are going to channel all that erotic energy into what it is you are manifesting/creating in your business & relationship. This will be unique to you, however common themes with my clients are:

  • Scaling your online business, using the core business & embodiment practices I teach in F.Empire: clarity of the vision, unlocking deeper aspects of your expression, branding, social media, marketing magic & aligned sales
  • Quantum leaping in abundance & anchoring in these new templates in your energetic field
  • Deepening your intimacy & sex life AND/OR becoming the vibrational match to your divine counterpart
  • Creating your new reality living more balanced in your feminine & masculine

Regardless of what you are desiring to create, you are going to feel fully supported as you are guided with practical support & held accountable during the entire process

Full body yes?


Previous clients

  • “Mentorship with Nadine allowed me to open the doors wider to my deep desire to create a life by radiating my authentic gifts. The growth I’ve experienced when it comes to self love, tapping into my magnetic abilities & recalling my highest form of expression cannot be described. This whole process started from a personal standpoint but now has evolved into a deep desire to help pollinate the world with cosmic womb wisdom & whatever else wants to birth through me. The sacred container you held for me cultivated, nourished & amplified my creative desires.”

    Elyza - coach - USA

  • “The energy emitted from Nadine’s presence is truly initiatory. There is no doubt in my being that the personal exponential growth I have experienced over the past three months is directly related to working within the strong container Nadine created for me. We dove into shadow work that has ignited profound shifts & revelations which I allowed myself to receive due to Nadine’s guidance. I feel prepared with tools, practices and meditations so I can wholeheartedly integrate the continuous understandings. We also did a lot of work into tangible & practical ways we can show up in the world through business. This portion was extremely beneficial for me as I continue to embody my fullest expression & create a soulful career. Everything from Nadine’s transmissions and teachings to her genuine ability to hold space has helped me on my way to true integration of all that I know into how I live in my body. Because of the tools and support I have gained from the mentorship, I am well on my way to birthing my first big unique creation into physical manifestation. I am deeply & unequivocally grateful to Nadine & I can say with conviction that I will continue to work with her in the future.”

    Jaclyn - feminine coach - USA

  • "Wow, working 1:1 Nadine has hands down been the BEST POTENT experience hands down. She’s been my favourite coach I’ve worked with yet & I just love the sacred space she holds by guiding you through exactly the medicine your soul & body needs. Before our work together 3 months ago, I was in a very new phase of my life - having moved to a new country, ending a 5 year relationship, shifting niche's in my own work...& just getting acquainted with a "new me," there was so much being released in my life at the time. In the first half of the mentorship Nadine was able to help guide me through various embodiment techniques & inner child healing practices that truly I felt like such a RENEWED soul afterwards. To be honest, I went into this mentorship without any set “plans” or “intentions” of what I was going to create; however, by the time the last month came around after having done so much various release work I genuinely felt that all the emotions, stories & experiences I was experiencing and releasing through Nadine’s guidance genuinely was the exact tool that helped me be able to channel my newest 1:1 high ticket mentorship program myself. It was completely unexpected and yet now feels SOUL RIGHT. If you’re wanting to work 1:1 with Nadine I could not recommend this beautiful queen enough. She is so potent & truly gifted beyond words.”

    Stephanie Yen - tao tantric arts - USA

  • “Working with Nadine one-on-one was one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever made. Despite being deep on my spiritual path and successful in my career of management consulting, I could feel there was a massive block in my life, preventing me from accessing a deeper part of myself -- that being my own divine feminine essence. Every session helped unlock a new part of that essence. A lot of the spiritual work I had done, had opened me up already in consciousness, but left me disconnected from my body and my womb. Nadine helped me overcome that and land on earth and now I feel connected to the heavens, yet grounded on earth, so I can live from my creative center in a more profound way.

    Externally, my dreams have started accelerating into manifestation and I feel more magnetic than I ever have before. I actually still cannot believe how much my life changed from the mentorship with her, not only from the practices and wisdom that Nadine shares, but also from her divine transmission as a teacher. Nadine listens deeply, holds space for the depths of your being even in its darkest places, and intuitively penetrates your psyche and essence with her wisdom and guidance to move you through a journey that I would call shamanic. She is a powerful teacher, coach, and light in this world. Being deep in the business world, I also have to highlight that Nadine impressed me with her level of dedication, promptness, and effectiveness in sharing takeaways, exercises, and synthesising our sessions so I could move forward in a practical way.

    My journey has not ended with Nadine as I consider her one of the only people I would reach out to for one-on-one coaching sessions and I am currently enrolled in her group mentorship. I look forward to continuing my journey into feminine embodiment with her as my dear guide, mentor, and sister. If you are thinking twice about working with her, let that resistance go, and make the jump…she will bring you back to you.”

    Iram Cheema - biz consultant & kundalini yoga teacher - USA

  • “The 3 month 1:1 Mentorship allowed me to dig deeper & really integrate the practices with full support & guidance. Since completing the mentorship I feel some major shifts have taken place, mainly surrounding my shadows & the triggers that bring them to the surface. I have also learned how to honour my feminine side more & accept self love. There were many emotional releases through the practices shared, from inner child meditations, to breast massage & the yoni egg. I truly believe all women should be taught feminine embodiment practices & feel my calling is now to help others become aware.  This is my new journey ahead. Nadine is a beautiful free spirit, radiates love & most importantly knows & lives her truth.  Having Nadine to mentor you is an honour & I would recommend if you are wishing to move forward with any aspect of your life you consider one of her courses on offer to learn how to listen to your own body & intuition as a woman.”

    Helen - mindset/wellness coach - DUBAI

  • “Working with Nadine is magical & unique experience. If you’re feeling the pull, trust it! I hired Nadine before my wedding to go deep on any lingering or unknown relationship & self patterns. After taking one of her courses I knew she was the one to hold space for me & facilitate me deeper into this important work. Working with her cracked open a deeper trust & level of my sexual and feminine energy which led to deeper than ever connection with my now husband & our relationship AND the sex is both deep, nourishing and sexier than ever. And a deeper connection to my womb & body which led my body to naturally push out my IUD birth control. I feel more in tune with myself & my womb than ever. Grateful for your beautiful heart & ability to both hold space & facilitate deep work. Love you Nadine!”

    Genevieve Rackham - Business & Money Coach - USA

  • “Nadine has guided me through one of the most powerful transformations of my life. Her intuition is incredible; every session took me deeper into my self & away from the layers of programming & guilt that had been plaguing me. After six months together, I feel reborn — deeply feminine, confident, intuitive, creative, sexy & secure. Finding Nadine has been such a blessing; who knew transformation could be so sweet! I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”

    Kari Woolf - Mother & Kundalini Yoga Teacher - UK

  • “When I heard the calling to work with Nadine I am so glad I listened to the voice. It’s been the best investment I have ever made. Before I came to Nadine I was hustling for clients, I felt exhausted & I was fixated on strategy. I learnt through our 1:1 mentorship how to build a feminine empire which felt juicy & electric that my masculine got on board. Desire baby!! My energy shifted so much that I started to magnetise soul aligned clients (literally 2 new soul aligned clients signed with me in 24hours). Aligning & healing not only impacting my business but also my relationships, I was able to let go of someone with love and create space for my King. Nadine, it’s been golden, I loved working with you”

    Jo Cooper - Love, Sex & Relationship Coach - UK

  • "Working with Nadine as part of 1:1 mentorship has been a very special & gratifying experience. Nadine is incredibly intuitive, gentle, soft & deep guide to your inner self & the way she holds space for the transformation processes to happen is completely magical. Nadine helped with so many transformational experiences but most importantly through very unique & curated experience she helped me reconnect with my body & energy. The numbness I have been feeling for years due to some heavy personal situations disappeared, the weight of old toxic relationships dissolved, & I feel I can walk my path again with an open heart. This is perhaps the deepest gift you can receive, when you can finally step back into the sovereignty of your body & energy as a woman. Everything changes & I will be forever grateful for the depth of the journey through which Nadine took me."

    Katia - Laywer - Dubai

  • “Before our journey I was unsure of what steps to take to actualize my purpose. I didn’t know what was next in launching my own business, or how 1:1 mentoring would flow. Now I feel more deeply connected to the power of my divine feminine essence. I’ve developed beautiful practices to continue my journey of sexual healing and awakening & I am no longer resisting or postponing that work. I feel a sense of leveling up & empowerment in my business & personal offerings. I realized how I was actually bypassing certain shadows & trauma that existed within me. This journey revealed the areas I need to look even more deeply. Every coach should have a coach! If you’re ready to level up your life, & awaken to your potential, take the leap & honor your soul’s calling.”

    Lavina - intimacy coach - USA

  • “I began working with Nadine at a time when I was going through a huge shift. I was looking to uncover my WHY, I was feeling really stagnant creatively, and as is life, divine timing I crossed paths with Nadine. The work that we did together over the 3 months, was truly magical. She guided me through inner child healing, clearing blockages, the feminine embodiment practices that we did together allowed me to connect so deeply to my feminine essence and my cycle as a woman and just swirl all of that creative energy through my body and we even covered in our last month practical business tips. The merging of these two energies was incredible and I am feeling so empowered moving forward with this crystal clear clarity around my why, my purpose, and my ability to share my gifts with this world. I am unbelievably stoked for whats to come and I could not be more grateful.”

    Angela Mariko - USA

  • “Working with Nadine was one of the best decisions I could have made. I went from living in a space not only internally but externally that in no way aligned with my values - to living in my dream home & more aligned with my passion & purpose than ever before. Not only do I feel totally clear on who I am & what I am here to do but I have all the practical tools needed in order to action those dreams & desires. I feel like I have the keys to unlocking all the doors I once thought were closed to me. I thought that I had to suffer and endure these "lessons" before receiving pleasure from life. Nadine reminded me that life gets to be pleasurable & that working with this energy brings about radical & lasting change to every area of our lives. The way she guides is so beautiful & effortless, allowing for a sacred space to be created where I was able to not only let go of unhealthy patterns from the past but also step in to the powerful, abundant woman I know I am. She's like the big sister I always dreamed of having! Thank you, Nadine. I will be forever grateful for you.”

    Saskia Mahani - Model & Coach - AUSTRALIA

  • "When I started my mentoring with Nadine I felt trapped, closed and shut down externally and internally. After 3 months with her guiding me, I feel like a complete different person now. With her support, I started stepping into my Free Wild Woman again, fulfilling my travelling goals and I also released some very old stuff that wasn't even mine that helped me having a better relationship with my mom. I feel hungry-for-life again and have so much more energy flowing through me. Regarding my business, I reached a whole next level financially without even trying - I am sure that just being in Nadine's energy is activating and transformative on every level. Nadine has such a grounded, wise and loving aura that made it easy for me to open up and trust. It was the first time a practitioner reached me in my depths. Thank you so much for your being!"

    Laura - embodiment coach - Germany

  • "Working with Nadine helped me connect deeply with my body, tap into new levels of intuition and trust myself more fully. Releasing old stories and feelings from my body made so much space for embodied joy and delight. She's the best. Hire her."

    Brie Sodano - Business & Money Coach - USA

“You came here to radiate, live orgasmically, serve from overflow & recieve all your hearts desires”

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