PLEASURE Principles



Your life with zero resistance to experience pleasure

Where bliss, freedom, creativity, orgasmic life force energy is free flowing through your every cell

Where this orgasmic state is not just confined to the bedroom, but flowing every minute of the day fuelling your life with abundance, joy, creativity and passion

When you tap into this orgasmic frequency you are living with zero resistance to the natural flow of life, and you are perpetually in your creative flow state

Imagine feeling completely safe & comfortable in your body, trusting and surrendered to life itself

Imagine moving from this place in your relationship, your business & your expression

Pleasure is healing

Pleasure is awakening

The truth is, I never used to believe this, and for many years I avoided pleasure, & was addicted to this pain.

I was so hard on myself, that I thought in order to achieve anything it had to be arduous and painful

I remember realising this in my third vipassana silent meditation retreat; that I was actually addicted to painful sensations & avoidant of the pleasurable ones, the goal is to be neutral in both, however most of us are either addicted to one or avoidant of the other

So how do we come into a healthy relationship with pleasure, and pain. Both ends of the same spectrum?

If you’re anything like me, I found it very difficult to embrace pleasure because of deep seated shame around my first sexual experiences

Pleasure once equalled shame

When we suppress pleasure, this manifests as destructive behaviours such as:

Denying pleasure through food & therefore having eating disorders

Denying pleasure through sex & therefore blocking intimacy

Denying pleasure through life & therefore self sabotaging living our ultimate potential

When we can release the shame we carry around embodying our pleasure birthright, life begins to expand

Yes, you can actually heal through pleasure

It’s not about being addicted to pleasure, but for many like myself, it is at least inviting a healthy flow of pleasure into your life

Once I realised this difference, everything shifted for me.

I called in a healthy loving relationship

I expanded my orgasmic potential

I healed my eating disorders and feel safe in my body

I released guilt around actually feeling good & living my purpose

I expanded my capacity to hold unlimited wealth taking my business to half a million dollars annually

And this is what I would love to help you also embody.

The codes to your empowerment do not dwell in textbooks or theories, they are in your body waiting to be unlocked

This journey is going to offer you sacred keys to unlock your own empowerment

Sister, this is an invitation to journey with myself and women from around the world in…

PLEASURE Principles


Who is this for?

♁ You have trouble with orgasm

♁ You find self pleasure awkward & can’t seem to find the motivation to get into it

♁ Women in Relationships: You find you put your partners pleasure before yours & find it difficult expressing your needs & desires. You are ready to take your lovemaking to a whole new dimension.

♁ Single ladies: You feel you want to run your sexual energy but don’t want to resort to one night stands or ‘lovers’ that leave you feeling depleted and wanting more. You are ready to call in a committed partner.

♁ You feel shame around your body & are sick of calorie counting & the constant stress around your body and the pleasure food brings

♁ You know there is ‘more’ to sex beyond the physical act

♁ You experience numbness emotionally & physically during sex

♁ You want to learn how to cultivate more of your feminine receptive nature in relationship, life and sex. You are sick of initiating and organising everything and everyone, leaving zero time for relaxation, orgasms and pleasure.

♁ You have experienced some level of sexual trauma & wish to heal it in a safe & sacred container

PLEASURE Principles

is about

✔ Removing barriers to pleasure

✔ Creating new pleasure pathways, beyond just sex

✔ Coming into healthy relationship to pleasure & pain

✔ Releasing fear, guilt & shame around your sexuality

✔ Reclaiming your sexual sovereignty, purity & erotic innocence

✔ Learning how to tap into & circulate your own sexual energy

✔ Establishing healthy boundaries & trust

✔ Feeling safe in your body

✔ Learning how to express your needs

✔ Unlocking your voice & authentic expression

✔ Falling deeply in love with yourself

✔ Healing relationship to the masculine

✔ Becoming deeply embodied in the most confident expression of you

✔ Magnetising deep intimacy & soulful sexual experiences

✔ Feeling radiance from the inside out

PLEASURE Principles



In this module we will identify exactly what and where the blockages to pleasure dwell in your body and psyche & release these, through a deep somatic embodiment process.

We will then formulate new pleasure pathways that extend beyond just the sexual experience.



In this module you will learn how to self source your own sexual energy. When our sexual energy isn’t self sourced, we find ourselves seeking outside of ourselves for validation and love.

You will learn specific tantric embodiment practices that cultivate deeper self love and self worth.



In this module we will explore healing sexual trauma with a powerful Jade Egg & Womb healing practice. During this module you will reclaim your sexual sovereignty by feeling your sexual energy move for you, and only you.

From this place healthy sexual experiences can be cultivated with another.



In this module we begin to explore and embody the maiden archetype, and work with where she dwells in the yoni, the clitoris. The maiden is all about our erotic innocence, our sexual purity and full trust in life. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we have lost connection to our erotic innocence through being entered without full presence love and respect. We will explore this archetype through embodied dance practice, journalling prompts and then a self pleasure practice focusing on the clitoris.



In this module we begin to explore and embody the wild woman archetype, and work with where she dwells in the yoni, the g-spot. The wild woman is our connection to our wild true nature. She helps us express our boundaries, know our worth, express our needs & desire and unlock our creative gifts. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we have experienced shame or guilt around our sexuality. We will explore this archetype through embodied dance practice, journalling prompts and then a self pleasure practice focusing on the g-spot.



In this module we begin to explore and embody the mystic archetype, and work with where she dwells in the yoni, the cervix. The mystic holds our connection to a knowing beyond the physical form and limitations of time and space. She helps us see pure truth, speak embodied wisdom, trust our intuition, become who we truly are not who we think we are & yield magic in our life. This archetype usually gets suppressed when we have experienced shut down around our sensitivity and empathy. We will explore this archetype through embodied dance practice, journalling prompts and then a self pleasure practice focusing on the cervix.



What you receive…

6 x pre-recorded Zoom training modules, each training module is 2 hours in duration

Pleasure Principles workbook explaining the content for each module deeper & journaling prompts to guide you even deeper outside of the 6 modules

Embodiment practices included in each module, so you can continue deepening into the embodment process

Access to the highest quality Yoni Crystals: Jade Egg & Yoni Wand (these are required for this journey)

Meet Your Guide


Hi sister, I am Nadine Lee & I am a Teacher of the Tantric Arts & Feminine Embodiment Coach. I live between the tropical island of Bali & freelance travelling & I have devoted my life to deep soul transformation & I am so honoured to share what has touched & transformed me with you, on this path..


I am a woman, just like you … I grew up in mainstream society, ticked all the boxes of societies expectations of me… I finished university & ended up working in Women’s Fashion, Magazines & Advertising. Exploring these realms of unhealthy femininity, superficiality & emphasis on external beauty; only reinforced my battle with Eating Disorder & Depression.

I spent just over 4 years in the corporate jungle, after I bravely answered the call of my heart towards my passions holistic health & yoga. I began as a qualified Nutritionist specializing in womens eating disorders & body image; however found the missing link was always in Sexuality. From here I was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. I later spent much time in India, training in Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For the past 9 years I have been devoted to transformation, and has apprenticed with Shamans, Tanriks & Spiritual Teachers.

My current work has taken a niche into the Feminine Tantric practices, including conscious menstruation & awakening feminine sexuality. 


My gifts were awakened, I healed my body issues, I birthed my business, I am living the life of my dreams, Manifestation is a way of life & effortless, I am highly creative & effortlessly express my creative gifts to the world, I called in my twin flame beloved relationship, I feel more balanced internally & at peace in general.

My passion now lies in empowering women back to self love; honouring of the natural cycles of life & nature & breaking down sexual & societal conditioning of the mind around such taboo topics, like Menstruation & Sexuality. I know that when we bring consciousness to such natural bodily functions, through ritual & reverence, the essence of Tantra begins to naturally awaken us to our power, a depth of understanding of our self beyond physical, & our innate feminine wisdom.

PLEASURE Principles


What students are saying...

  • Experiencing Nadine’s Pleasure Principles has divinely connected me to my highest most authentic self, nurtured my inner child and helped to balance my wounded feminine and masculine energies. I knew it was time to utilize reclaim my feminine power and magnetism, to align my womb with my heart to guide me through life. Pleasure Principles has helped to unblock my sacral chakra, ignite my creative fire, learn how to love myself more tenderly and how to pleasure for pleasures sake! Regaining sensation and sexual sovereignty has allowed me to fully embody my birthright into my feminine essence.

    Ashley - USA

  • Erotic awakening was literally just that. Nadine guided me through an awakening that woke up parts of me that have been sleeping for a very long time. I had emotional releases that have been waiting to be broken down for over 15 years. It was truly an incredible experience that has sparked a fire within me and will support my healing journey for years to come. Nadine is an incredible guide and I will be forever learning from her.

    Kaylen - USA

  • I am a aspiring healer, coach, guide that helps people embody their purpose through holistic health, sexuality & spirituality. I hold many certifications and have taken many courses. I will say that this course is by far a favorite. I really didn’t know exactly what to expect but what I received was far more than I could have asked for. As woman we tend to never take time for ourselves. We make everyone else a top priority and it leaves us drained and in robot mode. Living and working from our masculine being in a constant hustle or fight or flight state. Being able to go deep into these practices was truly eye opening. Taking an hour to 2 hours just to get back in touch with our bodies, our breath, and ourselves was life changing. I would never normally devote 20 min to myself let alone 2 hours of deep diving into sensations and feeling. I am educated in sexuality but this took embodiment to a whole other level. I believe every woman should take this course and every teenage girl as well. Being able to have these practices in my back pocket as a younger version of myself would have been life altering. Thank you Nadine for your wisdom and beautiful take on Feminine embodiment. This course was truly created to awaken our inner goddess.

    Samantha - Healer - USA

  • I just wanted to say thank you SO much for this 6 weeks of Sex Priestess. I truly received so much from this and am so happy that I could be on this journey with you, and all of the beautiful women who took part. Thank you so much for bringing your work into the world. It has been so valuable to me!

    Grace Lenan - Teacher - UK

  • I joined Pleasure Principles to not overcome a problem, simply to deepen the connection to myself. “I don’t know what I don’t know, surrender” is what I’ve said before every session. I’m so glad I’ve been able to work with Nadine in her absolute genius zone & an amazing bunch of women! I am more aligned, my boundaries are rock solid, I’m ‘attracting’ more abundance, aligned people & situations with total ease & love! I have more energy & am glowing! The work has unlocked something within and the outside world can’t help but ‘be’ all I desire. If you’ve got a specific focus to work through, or you simply want to expand in all of your potential, then I highly recommend doing this work. Thanks Nadine, I’ve loved being part of this movement.

    Randi - Canada

  • Wow my creatrix vortex has speeded up x100 since joining your program and clearing up my channel, coming into deeper alignment with my feminine essence. This program has done quantum leaps in my evolution. This week my house is filled with beautiful flowers from a high end client that's wanted to show his appreciation for my work. I've always dreamt about receiving, but I haven't been able to move through the blocks before now, as I understood it was a block in receiving and allowing myself pleasure. Now its pouring in from all directions, and I feel so worthy it all!

    Anna - Sweden

  • If I could describe the past 6 weeks in a few words: alchemical, deeply transformational, uplifting, rejuvenating. I am so grateful for Nadine's wisdom and courage to share this experience. It was the type of healing I have been asking from God for a long time. I thank everyone for being so loving and accepting to each other. I look forward to the future in my new energy.

    Abbie Martinez - USA

  • Pleasure Principles went well beyond my expectations. I have learned so much about myself & how to experience pleasure, not only in a sexual way, but in all aspects of my life. This course taught me how pleasure can be experienced through stimulating my senses, and has awakened me to be more present in my everyday life. My favourite part of Pleasure Principles was the jade egg practice. My life involves a lot of hustle, but being forced to slow down really helped me become aware of every sensation & increased the amount of pleasure I experienced. I’m 27 & never developed a sex drive until doing this course. Before, I was only having sexual interactions for suppressed emotional reasons, not because I actually wanted it. From this course, I gained so much more than just practices on how to self pleasure, and I am so excited to share all my new knowledge with my partner & actually engage in sexual interactions because I want to! Nadine has a wealth of knowledge & is a fantastic mentor. I highly recommend Pleasure Principles to every woman, regardless of your age or relationship status.

    Matilda - Canada

  • Saying yes to the Pleasure Principles has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself and received from Source. From the moment I decided to sign up for the mentorship, I felt more sexy, creative, and clear about my desires and needs. Nadine holds a spacious and safe container to explore and activate different parts of ourselves and something I love about her is that she isn’t just giving us information or techniques, but the teachings and frequencies are also emanating through her. Just being in her space activates the feminine and the pleasure principles from within. During the mentorship I had some of the most amazing and delicious sex in my life so far; an hour after finishing our 2nd session about Self Sourcing (which was actually my main attractor the course) I spontaneously experienced amrita for the first time during lovemaking and and since then have been exploring my body and sexuality with new eyes. For the majority of my life I thought that there was something wrong with me or that I was “broken” somehow because sex was generally painful and not very pleasurable, but during the mentorship I realized that there is nothing wrong with me at all and that I am a very orgasmic woman and feel pleasure easily. After each call I felt openness and full of energy. I loved each week’s exploration, the journaling reflections and being part of a diverse group of women and sharing this experience together. Thank you so much Nadine, the tools that you’ve shared in this mentorship are gems that I will come back to again and again during the course of my life. This experience has transformed my vision of my life and myself. I am so grateful for you and the gifts you so generously share!

    Nura Anqa - USA

  • I loved Pleasure Principles. Nadine was so present, deep, authentic & magical... I feel like I got a whole new wave of initiation into my feminine embodiment & sacred sexual sovereignty in this amazing & comfortable yet igniting container of all inspiring and heart filled women! I feel like it was (& will continue to be) an awesome support on my journey into greater radiance - and at the core - ever deepening self love, essence, soul alignment, and possibilities. I have so many more tools and go-to practices now to incorporate the next level of embodied juicy energy activation & healing in my body/heart/spirit/life! Also, amazing surprise is that my intense period pain was miraculously subdued to totally not invasive for first time in a few years of actually working toward healing it! It was after jade egg practice week!

    Haley @radiant.alchemy

  • Wow, I have no words Nadine for how much I loved being a part of Pleasure Principles. I’ve been diving deep into a lot of pleasure work whether on my own or other courses, and I have to say this is definitely my favourite one as I love how you actually guide us through live (don’t worry everyone, you turn your cameras off). The way you’re able to guide us live through this with such grace and presence truly is a testament to your potency and magical mystical woman ways. Personally I loved how every week moved through a different embodiment theme and being able to be guided live through practices (even if I’d had done some of them previously on my own, it was very different and transformative to be guided live through such a sacred and potent act). The week of the Wild Woman was especially powerful for me, as I didn’t realize how much energetics were still being stored in my g-spot until navigating through this practice that week, and it was so beautiful to be able to move through this all and release what needed to be released. I cannot recommend Pleasure Principles enough, and as someone who has personally worked with Nadine 1:1 and done all her other courses, as soon as she said she was launching her first group mentorship, immediately I knew I was in. Thank you Nadine for being such a beautiful mentor in my life.

    Stephanie Yen - tao tantric arts teacher - USA

  • I gifted myself the Pleasure Principles experience because as a coach I know that my transmission & service is strengthened by expanding my capacity to receive, by filling my cup & by investing in my further learning & growth. Pleasure Principles allowed me to step into a container where I could be held & nourished in the utmost integrity & love. All Nadine’s programs are channeled from pure source, and Pleasure Principles was no exception. I love the way that Nadine holds space, the codes she has are powerfully activating, she is real, grounded, galactic & playful all at once. I am so happy that I gifted myself this experience, I feel so alive, inspired & energised by my time in Pleasure Principles.

    Sophia Le Page - Transformational Coach - USA

  • I have learnt so much from Nadine during this 6 week container. Throughout I was guided, supported & encouraged to feel uncomfortable to heal my past and really shed those layers that no longer serve me. Not knowing why I was so drawn to this course before it began I dove into it with an open heart and it was truely such a beautiful way to begin this next phase of my journey. So much healing, self love & support. I am so great full to Nadine for guiding me through what pleasure principles now mean to me and how to embody these every day.

    Jessie - USA

  • Nadine, my love! You are a channel! The last part, of the maiden session when you spoke about father energy. I found myself in tears during the self pleasure practice because I haven’t been with my lover in a while, and I think I am going to move and transition to a new phase of this relationship, to focus on myself and it’s so challenging because I still feel so deeply in love; but it hit like a ton of bricks when you said “maybe you need to give more to yourself”  - I do. I put so much of my time and energy (even just mentally) into the relationship and it feels so good, but I’m not managing my time and energy well and I’ll seeing this as a pattern. I gave all of myself to my previous relationship for an entire decade, and a seven year one before that! Such a crazy pattern that is soo very connected to the “father energy.”

    Lana Shay - Psychedelic Integration & Erotic Embodiment Coach - USA

  • I joined Pleasure Principles to not overcome a problem, simply to deepen the connection to myself. “I don’t know what I don’t know, surrender” is what I’ve said before every session. I’m so glad I’ve been able to work with Nadine in her absolute genius zone & an amazing bunch of women! I am more aligned, my boundaries are rock solid, I’m ‘attracting’ more abundance, aligned people & situations with total ease & love! I have more energy & am glowing! The work has unlocked something within and the outside world can’t help but ‘be’ all I desire. If you’ve got a specific focus to work through, or you simply want to expand in all of your potential, then I highly recommend doing this work. Thanks Nadine, I’ve loved being part of this movement.

    Lissy - Coach - Australia

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