Are you ready to liberate?

L I B E R A T E  is the replay version of the LIVE 3 day virtual portal hosted by Nadine Lee 

3 day virtual portal for female entrepreneurs who desire to quantum leap their eros, expression & wealth

Liberate your Eros

Liberate your Expression

Liberate your Wealth Consciousness 

yes please! i am ready


Who this is for?

Women who are sick of hustling

Female entrepreneurs ready to take their biz to next level of impact & abundance – balanced way 

Women who understand energetics & alignment is key & feel they need a recharge of erotic energy & realignment of expression 

Women who have reached a plateau in their creativity & business & desire that extra spark

Women who are locked into unhealthy masculine energetics in business & desire to balance with their healthy feminine & mature their masculine 

Women who are experiencing burn out

Feminine entrepreneurs who wish to quantum leap into their next level expansion – creatively, erotically & financially 

Women struggling to magnetise money & have tried many masculine strategy type biz coaching and it just isn’t working

Quantum Leap Your Biz

Here is the thing Queens, they don’t teach you in business school …

When we as women reclaim our sexual sovereignty, we simultaneously reclaim our birthright to wealth

Sexually sovereign women know how to circulate their sexual energy

When sexual energy is circulating, so is money energy

Join me for this deep dive portal, where I will share with you what energetics had to shift within me, in order to scale my business from 50k to almost 1 million in just 18 months

I believe when our erotic energy is fully unlocked & circulating, so is our creative expression & our gifts are fully unlocked. We are creating from a clear womb channel in pure alignment with source & of course from this space the money flows in


Allow me to take you on a deep dive into these 3 core Liberation Codes: Eros, Expression & Wealth

What you receive…

You will be taken on an empowering journey through 3 core LIBERATION codes  

Each module includes:

Pre Recorded Video for each module (2 hours in duration)

Key content & embodiment practices

Guided Meditations to anchor the codes somatically

yes please! i am ready


The Journey…



We begin the journey with liberating your erotic energy. We will clear your energetic channel, so your eros can flow. This is the key to accessing greater creativity & expression.

Embodiment Practices:

  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Energetic Purification 
  • Clitoris Self Pleasure Guided Meditation



What is holding you back from fully expressing yourself? In this session we will dive deep into any lingering fears of being seen & purify these from your feminine channel (womb-throat-yoni). You will unlock your deepest expression, from within & allow however the divine energy wants to express through you. You will learn that once this expression is unlocked, it leads to unlimited abundance.

Embodiment Practices:

  • G-Spot Self Pleasure Guided Meditation practice
  • Yoni-Throat Self Pleasure Guided Meditation practice



In this session we dive deep & quantum leap your wealth consciousness & relationship to money, using tantric energetics. You will re-write your money story, clear unspoken agreements with your lineage around money, write your new money story, anchor into the womb matrix, evolve your inner masculine/feminine as their shadow aspects could be sabotaging your relationship to wealth & learn to expand your energetic capacity to hold more wealth

Embodiment Practices:

  • Microcosmic Orbit Guided Meditation 
  • Quantum Wealth Consciousness Guided Meditation

yes please! i am ready


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